Cityface Group Pty Ltd (Sydney, Australia) –

This first experience in Australia concerns mainly the realization of DA (Development Application) undertaking the process of interaction with Local Councils and Government Authorities, including application forms, consultants’ reports and all the necessary drawings to explain the project. Activities range from private housing design to renovation of existing ones; area of expertise is architectural design with a clear attention to the respect for historical features of the facade whilst contributing to urban rejuvenation in the ongoing modernisation of the central suburbs of Sydney.

Part of a team of professionals, relating myself in particular with the architect Tomaso Carrer, also company director.


matia bassi architetto (Faenza, Italia) –

The activity as freelancer goes from projecting private housing to renovation and interior and details design. The architect’s role also extends in the preparation of plans for coordination of security both in the design stage and runtime work, picking up even the management of construction sites as project manager. Involved in architectural design and urban regeneration projects and working closely with the municipal institutions, there is the aim of finding alternative solutions that create “new habitat” for the human being.


Banca di Credito Cooperativo Ravennate e Imolese (Faenza, Italia) –

The activity as a collaborator of this bank has addressed me professionally to the world of real estate valuation, especially working on residential buildings located in the whole region area of Ravenna.


Lelli & Associati Architettura (Faenza, Italia) –

The activity as a collaborator for this firm has addressed to me professionally in the world of architectural planning, urban and infrastructure planning, interior design, objects design, architectural restoration and urban regeneration.
Working closely with an architect professionally recognized as Gabriele Lelli, and coming in touch with a master of architecture which is Peter Zumthor.
It took place on research activities in the field of the contemporary city and the architectural design, from the urban scale, through the study of the settlement principles that generate it, to the detail of small retail spaces and of the small things that create the atmospheres. Involved in projects of sustainable architecture and urban redevelopment.